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By: Debbie Seid Published: September 25, 2013

9-25-13: Vibrant Health
Debbie’s interview with Dr. Doreen Borseth

Medical Care versus Health Care, What is interference
3 Vital Indicators of Vibrant Health that Every Women Must Know

Before becoming a licensed chiropractor, Dr. Doreen Borseth worked as a med tech, an x-ray tech and a certified hatha yoga instructor. She has been fascinated about how people get and stay healthy since she was a young child. Growing up she watched her mother struggle with not having the nergy and vitality she so desperately wanted and needed to enjoy life with her husband and 5 children. When her mother died after she had been out of Chiropractic College only a year, Dr. Doreen was inspired even more to learn everything she could to teach people how to take charge of their health through natural methods.

Dr Borseth has worked with hundreds of people in the past 30 years, helping them regain their vitality and energy so they can get back to living the life that makes them happy and fulfilled.

“The Vibrant Health Blueprint System” Dr Borseth created was carefully designed to combine comprehensive lab analysis with diet, nutrition and lifestyle to create customized plans to address your specific deficiencies and restore you to vibrant health and vitality.
Dr Borseth believes that your health is your most prized possession and that everyone deserves to live with energy, vitality and vibrant health.

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