Taking Your Brand into Digital Media
and Monetizing It

By: Debbie Seid Published: October 28, 2013


10-28-13: Taking Your Brand into Digital Media and Monetizing It
Debbie’s interview with Kim Castle

The Possibilities Show with Debbie SeidHow many times a day do you say to yourself, “oh goodie, I have another email,” or “I’m so excited to read another e-book”? Times have changed. We’ve come a long way from being excited by “you’ve got mail.” With the human attention span dipping below 9 seconds, it takes a lot more to get a potential customer to pay attention. That a lot more is video.

Why? We’ve grown up on movies. Cultures have thrived on story. Toss in market reach through social media and you have a fertile ground for unparalleled market reach, penetration and stick.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words then video is worth a million. Join Kim Castle, host of kimtv and co-creator of BrandU for an informative, thought-provoking and entertaining hour where she’ll share her adventures in brand and entertainment and share tips on how you can take advantage of this exciting fresh and lucrative trend. She will cover 5 specific strategies for monetizing your business through digital media with a focus on video as the current powerhouse.

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