5 Life Transforming Secrets Revealed
by Author Suzanne Weinstein
from Women In Sync

By: Debbie Seid


01-13-14: 5 Life Transforming Secrets Revealed by Author Suzanne Weinstein from Women In Sync
Debbie’s interview with Suzanne Weinstein

The Possibilities Show with Debbie SeidAfter realizing in her late twenties women didn’t share with each other answers to common struggles, Suzanne became committed to sharing her path and answers with others. Her commitment to transformation has taken her to far away places to work with Shaman healers, to healing elephants in the middle of Thailand, all in effort to know herself and others with greater compassion. It may seem cliche, but transformation is the key to lasting change. During this hour listeners will hear about the real path to transformation.

Connect with Suzanne Weinstein
Insync Consulting

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Aromatherapy for the
Busy Woman Entrepreneur

By: Debbie Seid


12-09-13: Aromatherapy for the Busy Woman Entrepreneur
Debbie’s interview with Linda-Anne Kahn

The Possibilities Show with Debbie Seid




In this informative and exciting interview we will explore 5 strategies on how you can use aromatherapy to be more effective and productive in life. You will learn how aromatherapy can help reduce stress levels, enhance sleep and increase productivity. We will explore how aromatherapy together with a healthy lifestyle can help you live a more balanced and centered life.

The Possibilities Show with Debbie SeidLinda-Anne Kahn CLT-LANA CIDESCO HHP CCN is an internationally trained Beauty Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Lymphedema Therapist with over 30 years in the industry.

Linda-Anne is the Director and founder of Beauty Kiniek Aromatherapy Day Spa and Medical Wellness Kliniek in San Diego, the most complete Health, Beauty and Wellness Center in Southern California.

Linda-Anne has been featured as business person of the year and was voted Spa Person of the Year by the Day Spa Association. She works at her Spa treating clients and Lymphedema patients and is a featured speaker at many conferences and workshops. Linda-Anne teaches certication programs in Clinical Aromatherapy and has a passion for teaching and sharing her knowledge with others.


Connect with Linda-Anne Kahn
Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy Day Spa

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5 Strategies to Get
More Done By Working Less

By: Debbie Seid


11-11-13: 5 Strategies to Get More Done By Working Less
Debbie’s interview with Ellie Pope

The Possibilities Show with Ellie PopeBeing busy is over-rated. Not only does it takes time away from your personal life, it also leads to exhaustion, and actually distracts you from growing your business. If you want to get more done, but work less, then join us as we explore 5 strategies to help you focus, reduce your workload, and focus on what matters most.

Connect with Ellie Pope
Productivity Poolside

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Taking Your Brand into Digital Media
and Monetizing It

By: Debbie Seid


10-28-13: Taking Your Brand into Digital Media and Monetizing It
Debbie’s interview with Kim Castle

The Possibilities Show with Debbie SeidHow many times a day do you say to yourself, “oh goodie, I have another email,” or “I’m so excited to read another e-book”? Times have changed. We’ve come a long way from being excited by “you’ve got mail.” With the human attention span dipping below 9 seconds, it takes a lot more to get a potential customer to pay attention. That a lot more is video.

Why? We’ve grown up on movies. Cultures have thrived on story. Toss in market reach through social media and you have a fertile ground for unparalleled market reach, penetration and stick.

If a picture is worth a 1000 words then video is worth a million. Join Kim Castle, host of kimtv and co-creator of BrandU for an informative, thought-provoking and entertaining hour where she’ll share her adventures in brand and entertainment and share tips on how you can take advantage of this exciting fresh and lucrative trend. She will cover 5 specific strategies for monetizing your business through digital media with a focus on video as the current powerhouse.

Connect with Kim Castle
Kim Castle

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How Travel Can Help Your Business

By: Debbie Seid

10-14-13: How Travel Can Help Your Business
Debbie’s interview with Helen Brahms

Native New Zealander, Helen Brahms is a natural at hospitality. She focuses her 30plus years of customer service, 15 years in travel and tourism and her knowledge as a certified Elite Cruise Counselor to asset you in booking and holding your retreat, workshop, or mastermind on an inspirational cruise AND at the same time you have the opportunity to raise money for your favorite charity. As a bonus you will experience her super fantastic sparkling personality!

Helen is the host of the weekly Have2Cruise Radio Show Mondays and Wednesdays at 4PM PST and is the author of the book “Congratulations, You’re Going on a Cruise! Now What?” Helen is also the Luxury Travel Correspondent for the Nationally Syndicated Show “The f Word”.

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Vibrant Health

By: Debbie Seid

9-25-13: Vibrant Health
Debbie’s interview with Dr. Doreen Borseth

Medical Care versus Health Care, What is interference
3 Vital Indicators of Vibrant Health that Every Women Must Know

Before becoming a licensed chiropractor, Dr. Doreen Borseth worked as a med tech, an x-ray tech and a certified hatha yoga instructor. She has been fascinated about how people get and stay healthy since she was a young child. Growing up she watched her mother struggle with not having the nergy and vitality she so desperately wanted and needed to enjoy life with her husband and 5 children. When her mother died after she had been out of Chiropractic College only a year, Dr. Doreen was inspired even more to learn everything she could to teach people how to take charge of their health through natural methods.

Dr Borseth has worked with hundreds of people in the past 30 years, helping them regain their vitality and energy so they can get back to living the life that makes them happy and fulfilled.

“The Vibrant Health Blueprint System” Dr Borseth created was carefully designed to combine comprehensive lab analysis with diet, nutrition and lifestyle to create customized plans to address your specific deficiencies and restore you to vibrant health and vitality.
Dr Borseth believes that your health is your most prized possession and that everyone deserves to live with energy, vitality and vibrant health.

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Why You Don’t Need to Start
With a Lot of Money to Be Wealthy

By: Debbie Seid


9-18-13: Why You Don’t Need to Start With a Lot of Money to Be Wealthy
Debbie’s interview with Linda Jones

The Possibilites Show with Debbie SeidHow women have unique blocks and struggles with money, especially entrepreneurs. How to get your money working harder for you so you don’t have to work so hard How to start late and still retire early. How to invest like billionaires without having much to start with Why NOW is the best time to create wealth in our lifetimes.

Linda will cover 3 steps during our interview. If you want financial independence but feel lost and confused by traditional financial advisors, America’s Wealth Mentor™ Linda P. Jones’ innovative approach to financial wealth and security is for you. Linda teaches how to achieve financial dreams in a way never thought possible by literally transforming the way people think and learn about building wealth.

Without focusing on boring numbers, budgets, or spreadsheets, Linda makes finance fun and relatable by sharing stories from her own experiences becoming a self-made multi-millionaire. She shows people how to build wealth in a way that Wall Street doesn’t teach. As founder of the Global Institute of Wealth for Women™, Linda empowers women with confidence and skill to start a business, grow more wealth, and make a positive impact in the world. Learn more about how to build your wealth with Linda’s free gifts at Linda Jones

Connect with Linda Jones

Linda Jones

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Jeffrey Church, Nika Water

By: Debbie Seid

9-04-13: Jeffrey Church, CEO of Nika Water and Suja Juice

The Possibilities Show with Debbie SeidLessons learned from Start ups and Building Businesses

Prior to launching

  1. Begin with the end in mind;
  2. Timing matters. Need to understand your window of opportunity
  3. Learn the “tough” business lessons on someone else’s nickel;
  4. Find a partner or mentor who balances you;
  5. Rule of 2’s

Post Launch

  1. Network, network and network some more
  2. Create your own Steve Gates situation
  3. Find like minded people to own the brand;
  4. Be mindful of your equity;
  5. Don’t quit when that seems obvious

Jeffrey Church is the CEO of Suja Juice and Nika Water.  Suja is an organic, premium juice brand focused on healthy alternatives that taste great. Nika is a new breed of social enterprises created with the intention of donating 100% of its profits to bring clean water to those without around the world. Nika believes that the cycle of poverty can be broken in our life times through the creation of innovative social businesses such as Nika and close collaboration with other like-minded for profit and non-profit businesses.

During his career, Mr. Church has led the acquisition and turnaround of numerous companies including Lynx Grills Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium-branded outdoor gas grills, cocktail stations, and related grilling, barbecuing and outdoor cooking parts and accessories. In 2006 Mr. Church sold Lynx Grills and generated a 7x return on investor capital. Mr. Church was chief executive officer and controlling owner of Aztec Concrete Accessories Inc., in Fontana, Calif., a manufacturer of proprietary products for the construction industry.

In 2000, Mr. Church sold Aztec and generated an 8x return on investor capital. From 1987 to 1998, he served as President and general manager of various divisions within ERICO and presided over eight businesses with annual revenues exceeding $200 million. Prior to that, Mr. Church was an associate in Morgan Stanley’s merchant banking group, and a senior at Ernst & Young.

Mr. Church earned an M.B.A at Harvard Business School and a B.A. in Accounting at Michigan State University. In 1983 he became a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Ohio. He and his wife of 23 years, Linda, have four children between 20 and 15 years old. Mr Church’s hobbies include water and snow skiing, long-distance running, and mountain climbing. Mr. Church has run in more than 50 marathons, 5 ultra marathons, and has climbed 5 of the 7 summits, the highest mountains on the seven continents.

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Rebecca Tall Brown, Tri Line Marketing

By: Debbie Seid

8-28-13: Owner of Tri Line Marketing
Debbie’s interview with Rebecca Tall Brown

A fourth-generation entrepreneur with a MBA, Rebecca helps entrepreneurs and big-thinkers build custom marketing blueprints: well-planned marketing strategies that forge stronger bottom lines and keep their visions from being trampled by marketing hype. Her topic is Five Critical Must Dos to Market Your Business Successfully.

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A Woman’s Voice

By: Debbie Seid

8-14-13: A Woman’s Voice – Why we hide it, why we need it and 5 things we must do to strengthen it.
Debbie’s interview with Candace Conradi

Women have fought the long hard battle to be heard. Candace will explore why this has been true in the past and is still true today. Our ability to have a voice, and let it be heard is the most important thing we can do to develop our businesses and yet it is a critical stumbling point for most women entrepreneurs. Join us for this insightful and important conversation to understand what may be keeping your voice back and specific things you can do to strengthen it.

Connect with Candace Conradi
Candace Conradi

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50 Dates in 50 States

By: Debbie Seid

8-07-13: 50 Dates in 50 States
Debbie’s interview with Melanie Brookhurst

Melanie Brocklehurst is the is the author of 50 Dates in 50 States: One Woman’s journey to Positive Change – a memoir, travelogue, and how-to guide wrapped into one. Melanie had the idea to travel the 50 US states and date someone in each as she was working through her Positive Change Formula and looking to make some drastic changes in her own life. The Positive Change Formula is a coaching formula that Melanie developed 20 years ago and has used with great success throughout her life.

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How to Master Your Money Mindset

By: Debbie Seid

7-31-13: How to Master Your Money Mindset
Debbie’s interview with Cappi Pidwell

The Possibilities Show with Debbie SeidIn this highly informative session Cappi reveals how to:

  1. transform the internal dynamics of lack, struggle, and stress with money, to beliefs and thoughts that will result in prosperity today!
  2. stop the fear that’s blocking you from releasing your deepest issues around money and create a new relationship to wealth with ease.
  3. discover the key to dealing calmly and effective with change and chaos
  4. bypass your inner resistance to more success and prosperity and let go of worry once and for all
  5. tap into your conscious and unconscious mind and produce fast profound change ot manifest money in any economy

Connect with Cappi Pidwell
Cappi Pidwell

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Gaining Trust With Your Clients

By: Debbie Seid

7-24-13: Gaining Trust With Your Clients
Debbie’s interview with Mimi Donaldson

These days, technology generates more and more transparency-from reviews on Yelp, complaints on Twitter, Price Check and other social tools. So you can expect your customers and clients to hold you to higher and higher standards. How can you make a profit when your customers know everything about your costs and pricing and have instant access to your strongest competitors? The best competitive advantage is gaining trust which is a function of character and competence.
Mimi provides, with lots of humor, 4 growth strategies for gaining trust and 3 pitfalls to avoid on your road to triumph.

Connect with Mimi Donaldson
Mimi Donaldson
Necessary Roughness: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life

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Charisma on Camera

By: Debbie Seid

7-17-13: Charisma on Camera
Debbie’s interview with Sandra Robinson

Join Debbie as she interviews Sandra Dee Robinson, actress, media trainer and author of her upcoming book, Make an Impact, Five Secrets to Powerful Personal Presence on and off camera. Sandra is founder of Charisma on Camera where she coaches actors, business executives and entrepreneurs on how to make a powerful impact both on and off camera. Debbie explores with Sandra secrets and tips on how you can begin to do this on your own. Visit Sandra Dee Robinsons site for additional free training at Charisma on Camera.com

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