Gaining Trust With Your Clients

By: Debbie Seid Published: July 24, 2013

7-24-13: Gaining Trust With Your Clients
Debbie’s interview with Mimi Donaldson

These days, technology generates more and more transparency-from reviews on Yelp, complaints on Twitter, Price Check and other social tools. So you can expect your customers and clients to hold you to higher and higher standards. How can you make a profit when your customers know everything about your costs and pricing and have instant access to your strongest competitors? The best competitive advantage is gaining trust which is a function of character and competence.
Mimi provides, with lots of humor, 4 growth strategies for gaining trust and 3 pitfalls to avoid on your road to triumph.

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Mimi Donaldson
Necessary Roughness: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life

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