E-Leaders – Enlightened Leaders Producing Extraordinary Results

E-Leaders have clarity about where they are and where they are going

  • They realize the road to their desired future is often met with obstacles, some outside and some from within

  • They seek feedback and are aware of the impact they have on others

  • They are keenly aware of┬átheir internal dialogue and able to shift to higher levels of energy when they get stuck in self-defeating thoughts or actions

  • They understand the power of creating clear boundaries and are skilled at making specific requests

  • They understand and practice foundational principles for engaging employees

  • They understand and consistently use the” Ladder of Life whenever they are “stuck in the muck”

  • They understand the power of the present moment and practice being present with others consistently

  • They understand the connectedness they have to all other human beings and their leadership actions reflect that

  • They consistently keep their promises to themselves and others

  • They focus on adding value in everything they do

  • They are inspiring, charismatic and energized

  • They are filled with gratitude and carry an inspiring vision for others to follow

  • They are E-Leaders!