antennae When I coach CEO’s who have built successful businesses, one of the things they always say is, “I wish I knew what I know now when I first started out”. The path to success for most successful CEO’s is dotted with failures that they often barely survive. Recognizing that many of our learnings must come from doing, I believe that when we are equipped with the right information, the road to success can be a more direct route.

CEO Live with Debbie Seid, was born out my passion for passing on the collective wisdom of those who have built successful businesses to those who are still in process. I will be bringing to the table very talented, very successful and sometimes very controversial leaders in all fields. I want my listeners to hear from a variety of perspectives and then choose what fits best for their style, their values and their product or service.


I hope you enjoy our shows and welcome each of you to contact me directly with your feedback and comments. I also welcome you to either submit questions or call into the session during our live broadcasts.


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listen-live CEO Live airs every first, third and fifth Wednesday of the month at 9AM PT.
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