Gratitude by Debbie Seid

By: Debbie Seid

Gratitude by Debbie Seid

I breathe and therefore I am grateful…

I witness the beauty of a bird in flight, a tree gently swaying in the wind, and the waves crashing powerfully into the sand…and therefore I am grateful.

I think of the woman who gave birth to my daughter in China, a woman I do not know and will most likely never meet and I mourn for her…for all the joy she missed with the baby she carried but never raised, and therefore I am grateful.

I think of my own birth mother, the woman who gave me up before I was born in hope that I could live a better life, and therefore I am grateful.

I hear my mom, the woman who raised me and is now 88 as she says “Is there anything I can do for you?”, and therefore I am grateful.

I watch my dad as he runs up the stairs at 95 and says “watch me”, and therefore I am grateful.

I listen to the news at night and my heart is in so much pain for the parents who lost a child to war, and are now asked to live with the ultimate sacrifice and still go on, and silently I am grateful.

I breathe, knowing that every breath in life is a miraculous gift that allows me to soak in the beauty in the rhythm of life, the joy, the love, the suffering and most importantly, the laughter…those special moments when you lose yourself completely to the passionate movement of the present, and I am so grateful…that I am grateful.

And I breathe…

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