About Debbie…

Debbie Seid, President and Founder of the Possibilities Group, is an executive and life coach with over 20 years of experience helping executives and entrepreneurs make more money, create and sustain important relationships, improve physical and emotional health, uncover true talents and passions, overcome significant life challenges and have a ton of fun doing all of the above!

She comes to her work with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and a Masters of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Although she greatly values education, Debbie realizes that the most important part of being effective is not the degree you hold, but what you do with the knowledge you acquire, whether through formal schooling or life experiences.

Debbie teaches you how to access the most powerful source of knowledge, that inner sense of knowing that we all have, but often cover up with our egos. She believes that when you are able to uncover your inner sense of knowing, true potential is available and the possibilities become endless. Her work with individuals and teams in this area consistently result in increased financial success, more effective relationships and an overall sense of happiness.

From an early age, Debbie has been a keen observer of human behavior and passionate around understanding what creates happiness and success for people and what creates isolation and suffering. Debbie has authored numerous articles, models and exercises in her field and her most recent is The Ladder of Life. The Ladder of Life is a simple but powerful model that incorporates the essence of Debbie’s work to date. She is currently developing an assessment to accompany her work in this area that will be released in its final form July 2012. The Ladder of Life is the secret for creating more success and happiness in life and shifting out of the muck when things go wrong.

Debbie’s experience in organizations includes training, team building and 360 degree program design and implementation. Her coaching and team building consistently create transformational change for individuals and teams. Debbie creates a fun and intensive environment where deep insights and shifts are made.

Debbie adopted an 11-month old daughter from China in 1998 and as an adopted child herself, loves the common bond she shares with her daughter Shayna. Due to her priority in raising Shayna, Debbie became a full-time mom in 2000. She came back to her work in 2008 with a completely renewed and more spiritual approach to her work, which she has found to be even more powerful than before. Debbie is a Certified Ontological Coach and serves as faculty each year at the Global Institute for Leadership Development in Palm Desert and San Diego.