12 Vital Parenting Tips
For Women Entrepreneurs

By: Debbie Seid Published: August 7, 2013


8-07-13: 12 Vital Parenting Tips For Women Entrepreneurs
Debbie’s interview with Patti Aretz

Patti Aretz is a nationally recognized parent educator. More and more women have chosen to, or must work outside of caring for their children. Some business are sensitive to the needs of working mothers, some are not. Most offer set working hours so home is home and the work place is the work place. Many women have chosen a more entrepreneurial route and the weakened economy forced a more creative approach to work. While seeming more flexible perhaps, entrepreneurs have bigger challenges than working mothers in corporate America. All mothers need to find balance between work, children, self care, relationship nurturing, friends and family. For some, volunteer work and spiritual time is necessary. The scales are tipped somewhere most of the time but…here are some ideas to help you get more in control of your work and children so you will feel that you have a bag of tricks to help you parent more effectively so that you have the time and focus to spend on your business.

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