Welcome to The Possibilities Group

At The Possibilities Group we believe that when people are able to bypass their egos, the possibilities of what they can accomplish become endless. Our egos get us in what we refer to as the “MUCK”, which creates a downward spiral of events. The more we take actions that are dictated by our  egos (i.e. fear, guilt, worry etc.) the more we sink into the muck.

At The Possibilities Group, we work with entrepreneurs and executives to help them identify how to get out of the Muck and climb the Ladder of Life. The secret to true Success and Happiness is at the top of the Ladder…at Love. Whether we are working with single entrepreneurs or teams within organizations, the principles and techniques are similar and consistently help to create individual and organizational transformation.



“Debbie was able to rapidly identify areas where change was needed and design programs to address those needs. Many of the executives who worked with her certainly demonstrated improvement in those targeted areas and were also impressed with her ability to be very personable.”-Stuart Newman, former exec. VP


“Debbie has a remarkable ability to generate trust and place people at ease. She exudes a quiet confidence and openness to which people respond positively…Her diligence, dedication and intelligence have delivered outstanding results in the past and I have every reason to believe she will continue to do so going forward.”-Alan Landers, President


“Our company has been extremely fortunate to have benefited from Ms Seid’s expertise and comprehensive programs in the areas of: Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, Strategic Planning, and Team Building over the past six (6) years…Ms Seid has also played a significant role in helping us establish and maintain a positive, high-performing, and rewarding corporate culture and workplace.”-Scott Fox, Chariman & CEO


“Ms. Seid is a highly skilled professional within the executive coaching and facilitating arena and has been a very successful practitioner, within this field, for many years. Her professional demeanor, intuitive style and ability to successfully communicate, set her apart from other professionals in this field.”-William H. McDonald, P.E., Sr. Program Manger


“Debbie has consulted with ColRich Communities in the past in activities, including strategic planning, team building, customer service evaluation and coaching with our key management team. She consistently produces results and has earned the respect of our organization.”-Maggi Lucas, Director, Human Resources


“Ms. Seid has worked with our organization for over 10 years doing teambuilding and training with our sales force and executive coaching for mid and upper level management…Debbie is very intuitive, articulate and has a unique ability to gain trust and respect very quickly…Through her work, our corporate culture has become much more open and enjoys a significantly higher degree of trust and collaboration…”-Tom O’Brien, CEO


“Her creative élan is always welcomed by me and our fellow Board members and staff…her skillset has been earned over years of professional work in the field, she is able to easily transfer her organizational development know-how to our work as lay leaders in the community.”-Joni M. Steinman, Managing Principal


“She has the ability to get to my core issues and creatively brainstorm solutions that are both on target and within my ability to implement. I consistently leave coaching sessions with her energized and enthusiastic. I have been able to grow my parent education business as well as perform my assistant director responsibilities with more focus and efficiency.”-Patti Propper Aretz

“I have been extremely impressed with her high degree of quality standards, integrity, interpersonal skills, and knowledge. She is an individual with unprecedented talent and a person who possesses an infectious personality, which immediately translates into a high degree of trust and confidence in her professional abilities.”-Anthony C. Spina, Ph.D.